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Tonight is the next Seattle Sage Group meeting.

The Seattle SAGE Group (SSG) is a local group for systems & network
administrators in the Seattle and Pacific northwest areas (North Western
Washington). We are a local chapter of SAGE, but SAGE / USENIX membership is not
a requirement.  We sponsor a regular monthly meeting open to the public on
second Thursday at 7 p.m.

This is a reminder & announcement of the next meeting November 12, 1998.

This is FREE and open to the public.

Meeting to be held in Room K350 of the Health Sciences building at the
University of Washington. Directions can be obtained from our directions web

Meeting Agenda:

 7:00pm Introductions (~15 mins)
        open floor    (~10 mins)
        SSG Business  (~5 mins)
 7:30pm Presentation:
        "Maintaining Continuous Data Availability
        (or And you thought you were safe)"
        Scott Girvin & Eric Scollard, Veritas
 9:00pm Closing
        Feedback and discussion of future topics of interest.
        Speaker nominations for future meetings.
        Adjourn to:
 9:30pm Dinner at Stella's Trattatoria (NE 45th & Roosevelt)
        Social hour for those wishing to attend
        (not sponsored, you have to buy your own
        meals, sorry...)

About the talk:

Title - Maintaining Continuous Data Availability

Description - Discussion of topic areas surrounding how to build application
environments that are continuously available.  Speakers will explore the typical
causes of downtime, metrics on how to measure it and to present a "continuum of
data availability" and what solutions exist to meet the availability
requirements of different applications.  In the past the answer was to back up
your data for disaster recovery, in today's data centers the issue is how to
architect systems around a disaster avoidance or disaster resiliency model.  By
the time you get to the backup tapes these days, you're already in trouble.

Veritas' will describe how to create data environments that avoid planned as
well as unplanned downtime. Technologies discussed will include:  High
Availability & Clustering of applications, data replication, Storage Area
Networks and end to end integration strategies.

About the presenters
Scott is a Sr. Systems Engineer with Veritas and has worked in the data
availability market for over 15 years including experience at Tandem and Sun.

Eric Scollard is a Sales  Rep for Veritas and has worked in the storage industry
since 1987.  In addition to Veritas , Eric has worked at EMC Corp and IBM.

About Veritas:

Veritas is the largest manufacturer of storage management software in the
world.  Veritas products are built into many of the servers and operating
systems currently in use.  Veritas disk management software and file systems are
OEM'ed by Sun, HP, Microsoft, Sequent, DG, and others.  Veritas is based in
Mountain View, CA with local offices for engineering and sales.


This will be a wonderful opportunity to meet with other local area systems and
network administrators.

For more information please visit our Web site:


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