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Wed Jun 3 23:30:04 PDT 1998


We don't want to take up too much of your time so we will be brief. :-)

We at XLink Technology, Inc. offer total PC-to-UNIX connectivity and integration
software for the Windows platforms.  

Whether you are UNIX wanting to access Windows or vice-versa, we have the solution.

We offer: 
NFS Client/Server
Terminal Emulation
X-Windows Emulation
and much much more.

If this is something we can help you with please visit us for more information and 
a FREE fully-functional demo at:


Or see us featured at http://zdnet/anchordesk/halloffame

If we sent this to you in error, we apologize.  Our whole intent is just to inform and
provide a service, not to offend as we understand there are a lot of unscrupulous
porno and get-rich-quick "spammers" out there.  

Please don't misunderstand us and thank you for your time. :-)

XLink Technology, Inc.
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