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Hal Miller hal at
Thu Jun 4 08:18:29 PDT 1998

Hi all,

Next meeting is 11th of June, same time, same place.  Speaker is Amnon
Barak, with his abstract below.  Hope to see you all there!

>  An Overview of the MOSIX Multicomputer System for Cluster Computing
>                           Prof. Amnon Barak
>                     Institute of Computer Science
>                   The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
>                        Jerusalem 91904, Israel
> Scalable Computing Clusters  (SCC)  are  becoming  an  alternative  to
> supercomputers  and  MPP's   for  the  execution  of high performance,
> demanding applications in multi-user, time-sharing  environments.   In
> order  to  better utilize the multiple resources of SCC's it is neces-
> sary to develop means for cluster  wide resource allocation and  shar-
> ing, that will make an SCC easy to program and use.
> The MOSIX  operating system  is an  enhancement  of  UNIX with on-line
> algorithms for adaptive, cluster wide resource sharing. These algorithms
> are  geared for performance scalability using a preemptive process
> migration for load-balancing and memory-sharing in order to create  a
> convenient time-sharing execution environment for HPC, particularly for
> applications that are written in PVM and MPI.
> The talk gives an overview of MOSIX and  its  resource  sharing  algo-
> rithms.   The  talk then presents our experience with the execution of
> several   large-scale   parallel   applications,   including   Protein
> sequences, molecular and quantum dynamics simulations.

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