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Leeland Artra leeland at
Thu Jun 4 11:09:30 PDT 1998


Gregory Craff wrote:
> I just received the email about the speaker for 11 June.  Whatever
> happened to the discussion on SAMBA, which I believe was postponed
> from last month because of LISA?
> If it has floated off into the list of "Topics to come", do you
> have any idea when it will arrive at "Impending topic" status?

I have gotten a number of messages of this ilk.

Allow me to extend my personal apologizes to everyone on the lost
SAMBA presentation. I am swamped to my ears in deadlines and asked Hal
if he could make the arrangements for the June meeting. There was a
rare opportunity to get the Professor Barak (he was in town, available
and willing). So Hal jumped on it (pushing the SAMBA presentation
further off course).

Barbara, Hal and I will coordinate and collaborate on a SAMBA
presentation in July or August for your enjoyment.


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