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I sent the following information to Leeland Artra yesterday & he told me
to go ahead & post this to your mailing list. The following position is
open for anyone who may be interested in relocating to St. Louis, Missouri.
 The position will pay mid 70k to low 80k.  If you are interested in the
positition please contact us and refer to project M-703 in all of your

Thank you!

Project M-703

With more than 3,700 offices in 50 states and the District of Columbia, as
well as rapidly expanding affiliate operations in Canada and the United
Kingdom, our client is one of the fastest growing financial services firms
in the nation.  Efforts are well underway to broadly expand the branch
office network, allowing our client to bring their unique brand of personal
service to individual investors from 10,000 locations by 2004.  This
organization  is employee-owned, enabling the firm to create a
family-friendly atmosphere with flexible schedules that help associates
balance work and family.

Aggressive growth in the past has been credited to and achieved by
multi-faceted and continually evolving information systems.  The St. Louis
Data Center exchanges information with the 4000 branch offices currently
regarding the company's 2.5 million customer account records in addition to
a myriad of information vendors, product supplies, and business associates.

Data integrity is extremely important.  Three mission-critical databases
store every customer record, customer portfolios, security positions, trade
information, telephone routing instructions, and document tracking
information.  Direct communication links with Reuters, Standard & Poor's,
J.J. Kenney, the National Association of Securities Dealers, and other
vendor systems have been established.

CSC/PA  (#703)
--Responsible for "tuning" the firm's operating systems, applications,
hardware, network of client/server based systems to achieve continuing
improvements in response time goals.  
--Initial objectives include the establishment of performance reporting for
the St. Louis UNIX and NT environment as well as the development of
performance standards for Java programming.
--The open systems corporate environment includes 50+ Sun servers running
Solaris and X-terminal application design.  The branches include pentium
servers running Solaris, Java, X-terminal, WABI, and 3270 emulation over
satellite.  A conversion 
to Windows NT is planned for the immediate future.
--Qualified candidates will have a working knowledge of UNIX and/or Windows
NT administration processes and tactics as well as a familiarity with disk,
CPU process  memory, and network metrics.
--The successful candidate will be comfortable in a self-directed role, be
capable of balancing the immediate and the long term needs for additional

Our client's location offers a highly desirable quality of life with an
"employer of choice" organization.  For more information on our client,
please contact us for their website.

All candidate referrals will be held in the strictest confidence.  Please
send resume (including hard copy)and contact:

Michael Shirley Associates, Inc.
7300 West 110th Street
Suite 230
Overland Park, KS  66210
Phone: (913) 491-0240  Fax (913) 491-6246 
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