Reminder tonight's Seattle SAGE Group Meeting

Leeland Artra leeland at
Thu Oct 8 09:29:45 PDT 1998


Just a quick reminder:

Its time for the next Seattle Sage Group meeting.

The Seattle SAGE Group (SSG) is a local group for systems & network
administrators in the Seattle and Pacific northwest areas (North Western
Washington). We are a local chapter of SAGE, but SAGE / USENIX membership is not
a requirement.  We sponsor a regular monthly meeting open to the public on
second Thursday at 7 p.m.

This is a reminder & announcement of the next meeting October 8th, 1998.

This is FREE and open to the public.

Meeting Agenda:

 7:00pm SSG Business, introductions, and open floor (~30 mins)
 7:30pm Presentation:
        "Windows Registry in Depth
        & Windows Interpretability"
        Dan Pike, Microsoft
 9:00pm Closing
        Feedback and discussion of future topics of interest.
        Speaker nomination for future meetings.
 9:15pm Dinner
        Social hour for those wishing to attend
        (not sponsored, you have to buy your own
        meals, sorry...) Location to be decided by attendees.

This will be a wonderful opportunity.

Check out our Web site for more information:

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//Senior Systems Researcher        Box 357730 Rm K343
//Cellworks Project, MBT           Seattle, Washington 98195-7730
//mailto:leeland at  phone:206.616.7233 fax:206.685.7301

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