Next meeting is today, March 14th

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Thu Mar 14 06:53:18 PST 2002

The next Seattle SAGE meeting is today, March 14th, 2002 at 7pm.

The UW Rosen/McWilliam Building facility is a secured building. So a
SAGE member will be at the Republican Street entrance until 7:15 P.M. to
open the door for meeting attendees. After that a phone number will be
posted on the door for the SAGE meeting specifically. There is an
"internal extensions only phone" at the Republican Street entrance to
allow you to call building extensions. The posted phone number will be
monitored until at least 7:45 P.M. However, please make every effort to
arrive by 7 P.M.

Directions can be found at:

Next meeting: Thursday March 14th, 2002 at 7:00 PM
       Topic: "Interoperable IPSec Implementations
              (or It Worked With What?!)"
   Presenter: Leon Towns-von Stauber <leonvs at>
    Location: Rosen (McWilliam) Building
              960 Republican St, Seattle, WA 98109
              (Corner of Terry & Republican)
              2nd floor LOUNGE
    Web Site:
Talk Abstract:

One day, IPSec should enable ubiquitous, securely authenticated
and encrypted network communications that are easy to manage.
That day is a long ways off.

We'll talk about what can be done with today's IPSec
implementations in Solaris and Linux (and *BSD, if we're lucky).
A focus on scalable management and targeted security will result
in practical example configurations, taking into account the
current limitations of IPSec on differing platforms.

Short Bio:

Leon has been using and administering UNIX systems for over
eleven years, including attempts last year to batter IPSec into
submission as a usable security tool. While he prefers spending
time with his family, he currently makes a living as a UNIX
Systems Engineer at


This is FREE and open to the public and a wonderful opportunity.

The Seattle SAGE Group (SSG) is a local group for systems & network
administrators in the Seattle and Pacific northwest areas (North
Western Washington). We are a local chapter of SAGE, but SAGE / USENIX
membership is not a requirement.  We sponsor a regular monthly meeting
open to the public on the second Thursday if each month at 7 p.m.

Check out our Web site for more information:

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