Need some help with AFS (or some other shared filesystem)

Leeland Artra leeland at
Fri Mar 22 11:08:10 PST 2002


I have some questions and depending on the answers might need some help setting 
up some services.

I think AFS will actually do what I want but am not sure:

Looking for a shared filesystem (preferably software based) that:
1) Provides for multiple "read servers"
2) Keeps ALL clients in sync
3) insures that a file update gets to all servers in real time
    (not rsync style)
4) is robust enough to fail over if a server drops
5) is robust enough to allow a new client or server to "pop" into
    the working group get sync'd and then just participate as normal
6) uses a local "read cache" or even better a "local copy"
7) works over TCP/IP
8) uses encrypted communication between clients and servers
9) Runs on FreeBSD.

You know the "Holy Grail" of shared file systems.

If you are able to help out with this please reply directly to me.

(If this turns into a solid solution there will definitely be paper and a 
presentation on this!)

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