** Automounting Wisdom? **

tonyh at hale.ssd.k12.wa.us tonyh at hale.ssd.k12.wa.us
Wed Jul 17 10:00:16 PDT 2002


I'm putting together Linux workstations for our high school and we are
working to make our workstation as much like Windows as possible to ease
student transition.  We're having problems saving to a floppy disk from
Open Office.  We want students to be able to just stick a floppy in the
drive and choose save from the file menu, since this is what they are used
to with Windows.  Having this ability will help greatly to gain acceptance
for our Linux workstations.  We installed automount which seemed like it
might sove this problem, but it hasn't really worked for us from within
Open Office..

Does anyone have any suggestions for how we can allow automatic mounting
and saving to floppies for students from within an application like Open


	Tony Hand
	tghand at seattleschools.org
	Computer Systems Coordinator
	Nathan Hale High School
	Seattle School District


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