SAGE Level 2-3 Systems Administrator needed immediately

Leeland Artra leeland at
Mon Jul 29 13:00:39 PDT 2002

*** No recruiter submittals are requested. Under no      ***
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*** this position.                                       ***

       Job Title: Systems Administrator
        Job type: In-house, part or full time
   Telecommuting: <20 hrs a week
      Experience: 2+ years FreeBSD Systems Administrator
    Starting Pay: $10-20/hr ($20-$40k/yr)
       Pay Range: $10-$40/hr ($20k-$80k/yr)
    Company Name: Hero Network LLC
         Country: UNITED STATES
           State: WA
            City: Shoreline


We have an immediate opening for a junior to mid level FreeBSD Systems 
Administrator. Depending on experience and abilities the position can start as 
high as $25k a year for the first six months and can grow to $80k a year based 
on demonstrated working skills.

The first duty of this person will be to assist design and supervise the 
construction of a new server facility so Hero Network LLC can bring 40 new 
servers online. After the first facility is online a second facility is already 
in the planning stages for second quarter 2003. This position will start out 
on-site (in-house) with some telecommuting when possible.

Successful candidate will have:
*) 1+ years experience as a systems administrator for FreeBSD
    (or close BSD variant);
*) 1+ years experience as a systems administrator for Windows
    98 and win2k desktops;
*) experience with Apache virtual hosting;
*) experience with networking systems and routing utilizing
    TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, DNS and other common Internet
    related protocols;
*) experience with firewalls;
*) experience internet mail administration using Sendmail
    and/or Postfix on Unix platforms;
*) knowledge of Unix security hardening, problem identification,
    and post-mortem analysis;
*) Knowledge programming in at least Perl, KSH and SH;
*) Some database programming using SQL;
*) Strong work ethic; and
*) Good systems administration knowledge;

Desired knowledge & skills:
*) Apache virtual host programming and configuration;
*) Knowledge programming in PHP and/or C;
*) Experience with high capacity Web Servers utilizing Apache
    web server;
*) Experience with site to site and client to site VPNs using
    IPSec and PPTP;
*) Experience with server platforms like sun microsystems
    SPARC hardware and Solaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Linux,
    Microsoft Windows NT4 and Microsoft Windows 2000.
*) Object oriented programming experience;
*) SQL programming experience;
*) Knowledge of high performance scalable web site design techniques; and
*) Reliable transportation to South Shoreline site.

Successful candidate has possibility of migrating to higher pay rates and more
direct management of projects, goals and telecommuting periods.

Currently Hero Network offers sick time, paid holidays and full medical / 
dental / vision insurance to all employees.

Email resume and cover letter (RTF, text or html only) to leeland at

// Leeland Artra                   2308 N 149th Street, Suite #100
// President                       Shoreline, Washington 98133
// Hero Network                    phone (206)367-1675 fax (206)306-1678
// mailto:leeland at

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