Anybody up for a day's work?

Leon Towns-von Stauber leonvs at
Mon Apr 1 07:39:19 PST 2002

If anyone's interested, here's someone who's got a bit of Sun
contract work.

> From: "Mike Fricke" <mfricke at>
> Date: Mon Apr 01, 2002  07:34:04  AM US/Pacific
> To: "'Leon Towns-von Stauber'" <leonvs at>
> Subject: RE: Your resume
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> Please do.  Thanks,  --Mike
>>> I'm looking for someone to consult for a day or so to setup a Sun
>>> server: 1)
>>> install the OS (7 or 8), 2) configure networking, 3) fire up the FTP 
>>> and
>>> HTTP servers, 4) install one or two tape drives, 5) install some
>>> application
>>> software (C-ISAM, S/4), and setup some user profiles, etc.  Let me 
>>> know
>>> if
>>> you are interested, or have knowledge of someone qualified that might
>>> be I
>>> should contact.  --Mike
>> Unfortunately, I won't have the time to help you on this. I
>> don't know of anyone specifically who could, but if you'd
>> like, I can forward your message to a local group of system
>> administrators.

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