[Seattle SAGE] Re: Next meeting is Thursday April 11th

Leeland Artra leeland at heronetwork.com
Tue Apr 9 10:52:29 PDT 2002


I saw the announcement go out for our next Seattle SAGE meeting on this
Thursday, April 11th, 2002 at 7pm and noticed that I hadn't submitted a "Talk

*** I am bringing Hero Network's:
  + Executive Vice President, Scott McDermott, who is a brilliant
       technical manager and keen observer of operations methods;
  + Cheif Financial Officer, Sharie Arnold, who is a CPA with over
       2 decades experience in doing business taxes; and
  + Creative Director, Kathy Roach, who is a commercial art & marketing
       expert with 5+ years of experience working with Fortune 500
       companies (mostly Fortune 100s).

I will make sure there will be a significant opportunety to ask questions and 
pick the brains of these Hero Network experts.

Sorry for the double emails today on this.

Talk abstract:

Title: "Cheif Executive Officer of Diddly Squat,
        (or So you want to be the boss, are you sure?)"
        by Leeland Artra

Who should attend: anyone who is interested in doing some
      consulting on the side or who want to seriously start
      up a growing successful business.

Presentation goals: To provide attendees with the knowledge
      of business basics requirements in areas from starting,
      planning, marketing, sales to legal issues and handling

This is intended to be a practical course aimed at people who wish to start or 
are already running a small business and who wish to further develop their 
business taking into account the changing needs of businesses in today's fast 
moving environment.

We will quickly cover: starting up in business; business planning; practical 
financial management for the small business; human resource management; 
marketing from A to e; managing change; sales management; business and 
professional skills; and effective time management.

I also introduce various topics like: coaching for business and personal 
performance; self management and personal effectiveness; negotiating, 
persuading and influencing skills; self esteem for peak performance; effective 
communication and assertion skills; assertiveness matters, follow up; mentoring 
for managers; personal taxation and investments; presentation skills; 
relationship dynamics; successful leadership and management; team building;


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