Questions for the group

Fletcher Bonds FletcherB at
Fri Apr 12 12:15:53 PDT 2002

Please feel free to beat me with the digital equivelent a stout & knobby
stick if this is the wrong forum for this kinda stuff..  and except my
humble apologies in advance.  I've only joined the list as of this week..

I'm a
ne-junior-Solaris-systems-admin.  I manage the application end of a set of
Sun machines (Netra X1s & e450s for the most part) for my QA department.
The applications onboard these that I'm primarily responsible for are Apache
& ServletExec.  I also do a little bit of scripted stuff with Oracle, but
mostly the DBAs handle that stuff.
I'm interested in discussing these applications, performance tuning of
Netras (as webservers), tools for performance & resource monitoring and
Seattle-local training resources for Apache/ServletExec

If this is the right forum for these kind of questions / discussions and
someone is open to fielding questions along these lines, please reply.
Thanks for your time.

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