[Fwd: Re: [unisog] RIAA engaging in DOS?]

Craig I. Hagan hagan at cih.com
Sun Aug 25 00:37:23 PDT 2002

this could get very interesting. while their definition *looks* to be fairly
precise, i think that people will find a way to alter it to be whatever they

a web server, for example, only fails one critera -- and, one can question if
the wording "a central..." would mean explicitly one computer, suggesting that
a web site with >1 computer, or with a geographic load balancing system would
then be fair game.

my gut tells me that this is somewhat bad for the napsterites (otoh, it likely
allows them to retaliate in kind), it will probably have some rather
interesting, unintended, side effects which will make the RIAA folks
really regret this law.

-- craig

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