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Linda Mayhugh lmayhugh at
Wed Jan 9 09:29:35 PST 2002

Good morning all,

Having recently joined the ranks of the laid-off, I've like to get others
input on some questions.

What are good ways of putting downtime to use while job hunting? What
conferences coming up soon in systems/network administration are worth going
to when you're paying your own way? What classes, volunteer work,
independent work, etc. on a resume would make a candidate look a lot better
to you?

All suggestions and ideas are appreciated. Sounds like there's a few people
here who are facing the same free time and could use the suggestions.

And should anyone wish a copy of my resume, of course email me. I've 3 1/2
years in systems and network administration of various OS's and would like
to go into more of an analyst/research sort of direction or further into
working in security. I'll not go too much in detail to avoid boring the
uninterested, but if anyone has any questions feel free to ask.

Thanks everyone.

Linda Mayhugh

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