SSH & SSL for SysAdmins (01/24/2002)

Dave Dittrich dittrich at
Thu Jan 24 10:07:08 PST 2002

Just a reminder about this afternoon's talk by Peter Burkholder.

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>                         SSH & SSL for SysAdmins
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> Peter Burkholder
> 3:40 pm, Thursday, 24 Jan 2002
> Electrical Engineering 037
> (Sponsored by the UW Applied Physics Lab)
> Abstract:  SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) & SSH (Secure Shell) are the
> most commonly used tools for securing web transactions and remote
> administration.  But many sysadmins don't fully appreciate how these
> tools work or how best to use them. In this talk we'll discuss the SSL
> and SSH protocols, their shortcomings, the essentials of the OpenSSL
> toolkit and some OpenSSL applications, and SSH servers, clients, tips,
> tricks and limitations.  We'll also have time to share problems,
> solutions and experiences.
> This talk is revised from Peter's well-received presentation to the Colorado
> chapter of SAGE in November, 2001.  The notes from that talk are at either:
> Biography:  Peter is a former Computing Services Manager and Network
> Security Manager for UW's Applied Physics Lab.  Washington was just
> one of string of UWs including the Univ. of Wisconsin and the Univ. of
> the Witwatersrand (Johanesburg).  He now lives in Denver, Colorado,
> where he works as an independent consultant.

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