Greater Seattle Linux User's Group Meeting -- 10 AM Saturday

Ken Meyer kmeyer at
Thu Dec 12 22:05:29 PST 2002

The Greater Seattle Linux User's Group meets this Saturday at 10 AM at North
Seattle Community College.  See:

for links to the directions and subject matter.  In brief:

Joe Cheek will be talking about the technical challenges of creating an
easy-to-install Linux distro, which he claims that Lycoris is, and
apparently it, as well as Lindows, is now available on the Wal-mart cheap
machines (of course, the $200 version is bare bones with no monitor, but
even with the stuff you need, especially if you get it from the surplus
stores, it's still pretty cheap).

Jeremy C. Reed will talk on the BSD family, as well, perhaps touching on the
level of compatibility with straight Linux.

Hope to see you there.

Ken Meyer
kmeyer at

P.S.  Louie, please post this notice to the SeaSLUG list.

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