[Seattle-SAGE] What should I back up?

gest thasone at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 6 06:51:49 PST 2005

I'm practicing on a home network setup.  I need help
better understanding what to backup.  I actually want
to try to set up my network again from a backup plan. 
The network is an Active Directory domain with one
server and 2 clients.

Windows 2003 Standard Server.
  File Server (for user's home folders)
  Exchange 2003

Windows XP Pro clients.
  DHCP is enabled
  DNS ip address is obtain dynamically

I'm using Windows 2003's backup.  

My plan:
1. Back up user's home folders.  
2. Write down DHCP scope and server ip address.
3. DNS zone/record information is dynamically updated,
based on clients, so I don't think I need to back that
4. Nothing is done much on IIS (except Outlook Web
Access), so I haven't plan anything for that yet.
5. This is where I need help, backing up Exchange and
Active Directory.  What do I actually back up?  System
state data?  What files/folders in Exchange?  How easy
or difficult is it to backup Active Diretory and


Any others thoughts would be much appreciated.  Am I
good with not backing up DNS or DHCP?  I guess I would
have to back up DNS, since it's tied in with Active

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