[Seattle-SAGE] What should I back up?

Scott McDermott scottm at octaldream.com
Thu Jan 6 09:23:55 PST 2005

On Thu, Jan 06, 2005, a militant turtle forced gest to say:
> 5. This is where I need help, backing up Exchange and
> Active Directory.  What do I actually back up?  System
> state data?  What files/folders in Exchange?  How easy
> or difficult is it to backup Active Diretory and
> Exchange?

For a simple configuration, the Windows Backup software that comes with the
system will be perfectly fine to back up both AD and your Exchange stuff.
Just make sure you eplicitly select Exchange when you're doing the back up.

To the best of my knowledge, backing up system state data grabs the AD
information on a DC. If you are running DNS in AD integrated mode, it'll
grab your DNS stuff, too. I'm not sure if DHCP state is stored in AD.

If you're running Exchange 2003 and Server 2003, you should be able to take
a snapshot of the Exchange .edb and .stm files (which are the actual
database files) in addition (or in lieu, depending on your taste in
backups) to the live backup from Windows Backup. You'll probably want to
grab the Exchange log files, too.

Scott McDermott

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