[Seattle-SAGE] VSFTPD login issues

Kevin Jones KJones at tcloud.com
Thu Jan 13 14:48:33 PST 2005



  I'm getting confused here now.  Can anyone give me an idea of where to
look for my problem on this?  I've created a new user on freebsd 5.1
using the adduser command and that user is not able to connect via ftp.


  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


  Here is what I have:

++++++++++++Begin info++++++++++++

supftp# pw usershow cityofla

cityofla:*:1056:1016::0:0:City of Los


supftp# pw groupshow ftpusers

ftpusers:*:1016: cityofla  #all other users removed to protect the


supftp# grep cityofla /etc/passwd

cityofla:*:1056:1016:City of Los


supftp# grep cityofla /etc/master.passwd

cityofla:$1$KB9vv79X$1wkTBv7Epnr7SvPxLcQZK/:1056:1016::0:0:City of Los


supftp# ls -l

drwxrwx---  2 cityofla      wheel  512 Jan 13 13:35 cityofla


supftp# ls -l

total 16

-r-xrwx---  1 cityofla  wheel  767 Jan 13 13:35 .cshrc

-r-xrwx---  1 cityofla  wheel  248 Jan 13 13:35 .login

-r-xrwx---  1 cityofla  wheel  158 Jan 13 13:35 .login_conf

-r-xrwx---  1 cityofla  wheel  373 Jan 13 13:35 .mail_aliases

-r-xrwx---  1 cityofla  wheel  331 Jan 13 13:35 .mailrc

-r-xrwx---  1 cityofla  wheel  797 Jan 13 13:35 .profile

-r-xrwx---  1 cityofla  wheel  276 Jan 13 13:35 .rhosts

-r-xrwx---  1 cityofla  wheel  975 Jan 13 13:35 .shrc


And this is what I'm getting as a result:


C:\TEMP\ch050113>ftp host.server.com

Connected to host.server.com.

220 This is my FTP service.  Authorized use only.

User (host.server.com:(none)): cityofla

331 Please specify the password.

Password: ***********

500 OOPS: cannot change directory:/usr/home/ftp/cityofla

500 OOPS: child died

Connection closed by remote host.


++++++++++++End info++++++++++++




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