[Seattle-SAGE] Will trade Chatsworth Rack for Food (or money)

Bill Turini bill.turini at turini.org
Fri Mar 4 14:36:14 PST 2005


I had such a great response on my last sale that I thought I'd try
another one.

I have a Chartsworth rack with two shelves in almost new condition for
sale. This is the heavy duty version, not the light duty.  The rack is
NOT a 19" rack, it's a 21" telecom rack. The shelves are really heavy
duty. I had R-390 receivers on them and they didn't even wince. For the
un-informed that's about 90lbs per radio. So they will hold your big
servers, etc.

I'm asking $75 or BO or food. I'm being laid off as of 1 April, so I'd
like the money to pay the mortgage.

Home phone is (360) 668-9790 or reply here.



Bill Turini           KA4GAV

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