[Seattle-SAGE] Treasure Trove of PC Parts

Newel Rice nrice at everett.wednet.edu
Mon Mar 7 15:50:03 PST 2005

Hello All:

I have a modest pile of functional PC parts that I would like to share
with the rest of the folks that come to the Seattle SAGE mtgs.  These
parts, as far as I know, worked since the last time I used them but they
have now become surplus in my ever growing collection of computer junk and
it's time to let them go to other worthy custodians.  

I'm planning on bringing this fine collection of goodies to this
Thursday's mtg. and anyone that wants any of it can take it away for free.
 This is a first come first serve deal, once you take it then it's yours
to keep.  Now I know this stuff isn't any great shakes and I can't imagine
I'd have a deluge of e-mail asking me to hold items out for anyone but I
don't want to manage any e-mails asking if I can hold on to x or y either
so you show up and get your hands on it first you get to keep it.

Here are some of the highlights of this cache of PC finery: ATX tower
cases, 32MB Nvidia AGP video cards, a handful of 64MB 128MB and 256MB
PC100 RAM, 50x+ CDROM and CDRW drives, 10/100 PCI NIC's, SoundBlaster Live
PCI card, etc... (there's also some lowlights too but I'll let you see for
yourself...  :-)

Looking forward to seeing you all Thursday and BTW, I'm not responsible
for explaining to any spouses/significant-others that ask "Where did that
come from?".


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