[Seattle-SAGE] Storage Networking User Group Meeting - Puget Sound

Elizabeth Hickman ehickman at ucsd.edu
Mon Mar 14 14:19:11 PST 2005

Dear Seattle SAGE Members,

The Puget Sound Storage Networking User Group (PS-SNUG) would like to invite
you and your colleagues to their March 17, 2005, meeting featuring Steve
Tegeler, Senior Systems Engineer, Cisco who will discuss VSAN
Standardization, iSCSI, and Fibre Channel over IP protocol (FCIP). Please
feel free to pass this on to your colleagues.


Thursday, March 17, 2005
1:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Network with your IT peers and knowledge experts.

Steve Tegeler, Senior Systems Engineer, Cisco, will address various new up
and coming technologies in the Storage Networking industry. The first will
be an overview of the VSAN standard recently accepted by the T.11 committee
in the FC-SW-4 standard. The second topic will be a discussion of iSCSI and
it's fit in your existing Storage Network. The third topic will be an
overview of the Fibre Channel over IP protocol (FCIP) and the challenges
that are faced when extending your SAN (latency, bandwidth, etc).

LOCATION: Safeco, Redmond Campus, Rainier Building, Sockeye Room (4854 154th
Place NE Redmond, WA 98052-9664). Reserved parking can be found on the north
lot near the 51st St. entrance.

MEETING SPONSOR: Refreshments generously provided by Cisco:
www.cisco.com. There is no charge to attend, and meetings are open to anyone
interested in discussing data storage in a vendor-neutral, education-focused

Please RSVP to Jeff Woodard at jefwoo at SAFECO.com.

For full details visit http://www.storagenetworking.org/puget_sound.

About PS-SNUG - The Puget Networking User Group (SNUG) provides a venue for
interaction between data storage technology end users and industry experts.
Meetings offer vender-neutral presentations and Q&A on data storage-related
topics. The PS-SNUG is affiliated with StorageNetworking.org, a worldwide
organization sponsored by the Information Storage Industry Center at the
University of California at San Diego. Learn more online at

On behalf of StorageNetworking.org, thank you for your support.


Elizabeth Hickman
Marketing Manager
Phone: 858-534-1019
ehickman at ucsd.edu

The Puget Sound SNUG is affiliated with STORAGENETWORKING.ORG, a
university-based initiative addressing the educational needs of data storage
technology professionals. Funded by corporate gifts and private
philanthropy, StorageNetworking.org is privileged to have the support of the
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