[Seattle-SAGE] Pogo Linux Bus

Ken Meyer kmeyer at blarg.net
Mon Apr 11 19:15:55 PDT 2005

Our great benefactors at Pogo Linux, facilitated by Paul Bibaud, have
offered to provide bus service to LinuxFest, at the Bellingham Technical
College, again this year.  For information on the fest, see:


To sign up for a place on the bus, see:


This service has been extremely successful in the past, to the tune of two
full Greyhound-type highway busses.  Sign-up to insure a place.  In the
past, the Pogo People wouldn't turn away a walk-in if seats remain, but if
not, its 1:20 on the highway for you (if you can find BTC in a reasonable
amount of time).

It is most likely that the busses will leave from the North Seattle
Community College campus's southeast parking lot at 8:00 AM, per previous
years; but confirmation should be on your task list.

The Pogo People have shown movies such as "Revolution" on the busses on the
way up, and this year they are soliciting recommendations for the Movie of
the Year.  Contact:

	paul.b @ pogolinux.com

LinuxFest is an amazing event (check-out the schedule et al), with an
estimated 900 attendees last year.  This is the painless way to get there
and back, having the only potential disadvantage of returning relatively
quickly after the event officially ends.  Bet you can catch a ride back with
someone, if you decide to hang around.

Ken  Meyer

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