[Seattle-SAGE] Tonight's meeting

Lee Damon nomad at castle.org
Thu Apr 21 11:47:20 PDT 2005

1. The elevator on the side of the building we're meeting in is being
reconditioned.  If you don't want to climb multiple flights of stairs you'll
want to use the elevator at the other end of the building.  I'll post signs

2. If you're planning on getting CAcert assured please make sure you
have registered your CAcert account at https://www.cacert.org before you
come.  Bring two pieces of government-issued ID if you want the full
points we can give you.  (Each of us can only give 10 points for one ID, 
35 for both.)

I'll be doing assurances from 6:30pm to the start of the meeting.  Others
will be done at Marcello's after the meeting.

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