[Seattle-SAGE] Server room build questions

Scott McDermott scottm at octaldream.com
Wed Apr 27 17:32:07 PDT 2005

Gabriel Cain wrote:
> Paul English wrote:
> Yeah, I would definitely make sure to spell out all the build-out
> details. Generally, if you leave room for corners to be cut, they shall

YES YES YES. Be very specific with exactly what you want.

> Only 200A for 20 racks?  I use 40+ amps in most of my racks (and all of
> them exceed 20A).   I'd go for 500A, at least.

Are we talking 110 amps or 220 amps? I measure it in Kw (mostly because
that's what APC does, but it does simplify things).

> Dry pipe solutions (i.e., smoke charges the pipes with water, heat
> releases the water) is found very frequently, and is in both of the
> facilities I've got gear in.

I'll second this, too.

Scott McDermott

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