[Seattle-SAGE] Server room build questions

Daniel Brown djb at unixan.com
Wed Apr 27 20:35:26 PDT 2005

Wrote Paul English:

> What are people's feelings on raised floors vs. tiles/anti-static carpet? 
> I'm very opposed to running network/kvm cables under floors (give me a 
> ladder rack any day), but raised floors can be handy for routing AC to the 
> front of the racks and running fat trip-causing power cables. 

Even if you do get raised floors, I'm a fan of running per-server
cabling (e.g. network & kvm) above the racks instead.

> How much power should I spec? On this one I'm fairly sure that I should 
> probably spec the full 20 rack's worth (200A?) and just get the breaker 
> panel put into the room with circuits sufficient for 6 racks. 

At 220v and 40 amps per rack, my facility is still leaving rack space
empty due to running out of power for each rack.  The rise in power
requirements for some equipment just had to exceed expectations over
the last few years.

> What are the considerations for a backup generator vs large (Liebert?) 
> UPS? I'm leaning towards an auto-start generator right now, with small 
> rack-mount UPSen on the 24/7 critical systems. 

Like Scott said, beware smaller UPSen, they can be less reliable.  You
will have very few worries if your 24/7 systems have dual (redundant)
AC input, though (right?).  Slap a different UPS on each input.


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