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Robin Battey zanfur at zanfur.com
Wed May 25 20:15:05 PDT 2005


Once again, there is a problem in sysadmin-land.  The nobles of the land
(durn HR folk) have demanded a system that a) implements mailing lists, b)
archives everything sent to the mailing list, c) allows for list-level
administration and moderation, d) does NOT junk binary attachments, e) is
easily searchable, and f) looks pretty (durn HR folk).

Currently, I'm looking at using mailman for a), b), and c), because we 
already have a mailman installation and it does those things already.  
Mailman also does d), if you configure it carefully.  Problem is, it 
doesn't do e) or f) at all -- it's flatfile and UGLY.  The ugly I can fix 
using CSS, but the search capability is a new one on me.  Does anyone know 
of a good search engine for internal use?  I can't use google, because 
these archives are only available on the intranet and we're not gonna pay 
for google technology.



                              Robin  Battey
                            zanfur at zanfur.com

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