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Wed May 25 22:30:56 PDT 2005

htdig perhaps?


Robin Battey wrote:
> Hello!
> Once again, there is a problem in sysadmin-land.  The nobles of the land
> (durn HR folk) have demanded a system that a) implements mailing lists, b)
> archives everything sent to the mailing list, c) allows for list-level
> administration and moderation, d) does NOT junk binary attachments, e) is
> easily searchable, and f) looks pretty (durn HR folk).
> Currently, I'm looking at using mailman for a), b), and c), because we 
> already have a mailman installation and it does those things already.  
> Mailman also does d), if you configure it carefully.  Problem is, it 
> doesn't do e) or f) at all -- it's flatfile and UGLY.  The ugly I can fix 
> using CSS, but the search capability is a new one on me.  Does anyone know 
> of a good search engine for internal use?  I can't use google, because 
> these archives are only available on the intranet and we're not gonna pay 
> for google technology.
> Cheers!
> -robin
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