[Seattle-SAGE] Introduction

J. Lasser jon at lasser.org
Mon Jun 13 03:33:18 PDT 2005

Hello everyone!

If the SAGE group here is anything like those from Baltimore or  
Washington DC, I suspect that most people here know most other people  
here already. As I'm newly looking to be employed in the Seattle area  
as a Unix admin, I figure that introducing myself will not go amiss.  
(I hope to make the July meeting, if you have meetings during the  
summer, but may suffer from schedule conflict.)

Before I decided to go on sabbatical to write a novel, and once  
again, I'm a Unix guy. I wrote an intro-to-Unix book (Think Unix,  
Que, 2000) that was pretty roundly praised before being forgotten. I  
headed up the Bastille Linux project for a while, though really Jay  
Beale was lead coder and did most of the heavy lifting. I worked on  
Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Irix, and other *nix flavors, and since then  
I've converted to Mac OS X for home use. I've worked at the  
University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), at a smallish ISP in  
Baltimore, and as a Unix/security consultant. I also spent time as  
the Linux/Unix columnist for SecurityFocus.com.

While living in Baltimore, I attended meetings of DC-SAGE and Old Bay  
SAGE, the Baltimore group. I was meeting coordinator and host for Old  
Bay SAGE for about three years, from July of 2000 through April of  
2003. (In fact, I may have hosted and coordinated meetings before  
that, but that's the first definitive e-mail I can find in my  
archive. We had a strange system of split duties before that, and I  
started helping out in '98 or '99.)

As I mentioned, I'm officially job-hunting. My resume is online at


if you're at all interested. Please feel free to ask questions or  
offer constructive advice.

Anyway, I look forward to meeting everyone in the near future.

Jon Lasser                jon at lasser.org                   206-326-0614

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