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(EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION ENDS July 11 -- Register Now!!)

Register for the 14th USENIX Security Symposium July 31-August 5,
2005, Baltimore, MD

It happens here first: join us for the latest advances in computer
system security. As with previous security symposiums, the breadth and
quality of this year'stutorials, refereed papers, invited talks, and
participants is excellent.  For the entire program and to register,
visit http://www.usenix.org/sec05/progm

Highlights of this year's program include:

Expanded TRAINING: working experts give you the information,
techniques, tools, and strategies you need to practice effective
security tomorrow:

o  NEW! - Tina Bird: VPN Changes and Secure Remote Access
o  NEW! - Richard Bejtlich: Responding to Network Incidents
o  NEW! - Rik Farrow: Thinking Like a Hacker
o  NEW! - Gary McGraw: Building Security Into Software
o  NEW! - Tina Bird: Endpoint Enforcement & Network Access Control
o  NEW! - Sven Dietrich and David Dittrich: DDoS for Fun and Profit
o  NEW! - Ron Dodge and Dan Ragsdale: Organizing a Cybersecurity 
o  NEW! - Peter Baer Galvin: Solaris 10 Security
o  NEW! - Brad C. Johnson and Richard E. Mackey, Jr.: Understanding
           Security Standards
o  Richard Bejtlich: Network Security Monitoring with Open Source Tools
o  Marcus Ranum: System Log Aggregation, Statistics, and Analysis

PAPERS and INVITED TALKS: luminaries such as Avi Rubin, Ben
Schneiderman, Vern Paxson, and Neils Provos will present cutting-edge
issues in topics such as:

o  Homeland Security: networking, security, and policy
o  the current state of electronic voting
o  detecting targeted attacks using shadow honeypots
o  finding serious bugs in real code
o  finding security vulnerabilities in java applications
o  cryptographically-enabled RFID

Birds-of-a-Feather sessions and Work-in-Progress reports give you a
preview of next year's news, or present fledgling work of your own and
get feedback from the audience.

WHAT:   14th USENIX Security Symposium
WHEN:   July 31-August 5, 2005
WHERE:  Baltimore, MD, Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel
WHO:    Researchers, System Administrators, Policy Wonks, etc.
WHY:    To get to and stay on the cutting edge of computer security
HOW:    Register NOW at http://www.usenix.org/sec05/progm

Early-Bird registration ends July 11!  Register now for the best 


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