[Seattle-SAGE] AD-> OpenLDAP migration

Robin Battey zanfur at zanfur.com
Fri Jul 22 17:21:55 PDT 2005

In his never-ending quest to vanquish the mighty Standards Non-Compliancy
Demons in Sysadmin-land, the king of the land has once again taken up his
lance and strode out to conquer the mighty demons of the day, this time
the demon called Active Directory.  However, before he can safely destroy
this particular demon, he must first coax the demon to give up the keys to
the kingdom:  The usernames and passwords, in the form of an OpenLDAP ldif
file, or any other format that OpenLDAP will accept for importing.

Unfortunately for our esteemed hero, the Active Directory demon is wily 
and loathe to give up such useful information.  Our hero has heard 
rumours that there is an incantation that, under the right circumstances, 
from the correct hosts with the correct protocol and when the moon is in a 
particular phase and the tides are low, will cause the demon to surrender 
this information.  Therefore, he is consulting his SAGEs, in hopes that 
they can help him in his quest to find this ancient and hidden wisdom.



                              Robin  Battey
                            zanfur at zanfur.com

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