[Seattle-SAGE] Is there a sage meeting this thurs

Scott McDermott scottm at octaldream.com
Tue Sep 6 10:14:18 PDT 2005

Ski Kacoroski wrote:
> I haven't seen an announcement yet?

The main page on the site doesn't show it, but the meeting page shows it, 
though I'm not sure the speaker information is accurate. :) The next few 
months meetings are always at http://www.seattle-sage.org/meetings.html. 
Unless otherwise stated on the website and on the mailing list, the meeting 
will always take place. I normally try to send an announcement on the first 
of the month, the Monday before the meeting, and the day of the meeting, but 
between not knowing exactly what was going on for the speaker and being out 
of town I haven't done anything with it until now...

I don't have my talk together, as I had misunderstood a future speaker and 
thought they would be able to give this month's talk, but I'll post an 
announcement on Thursday with the actual speaker information.

Scott McDermott

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