[Seattle-SAGE] Next meeting is Thursday, September 8

Michael Wallendahl mwallend at spikus.com
Wed Sep 7 22:32:58 PDT 2005

I know the group usually goes out to eat after the meeting. As  I won't 
be able to make it to the afterparty though I plan to grab a sandwich 
and a beer beforehand at the Big Time Brewery [ 
http://www.bigtimebrewery.com/ ] around 6 pm.  You are more then welcome 
to join me as I haven't really had the chance to meet any of you yet. 

I'll be the 30 year old guy with the shaved head and motorcycle gear 
strewn around the place. 

Bonus points if we can chat about Snort, Nagios, RT, Lore, Asset 
Tracking databases, and/or firewall setups.


Scott McDermott wrote:

>The next Seattle SAGE meeting is Thursday, September 8, 2005 at 7pm.

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