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Ken Meyer

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Brian and Ken,

Greetings from Microsoft. I'm helping to put together a Code Camp in Seattle
on October 22nd and 23rd and wanted to encourage you and your user group to

Code Camp is an event that's been running for a year or two out on the East
Coast. It's an event by and for the local developer community, with
developers organizing, attending, and presenting the event. It's not
particular to any technological faction; everyone is welcome to participate.
It's 100% free with volunteer presentations and no charge to attend. We held
one in Portland last July and was a lot of fun; I'd like to help make the
Seattle event even bigger and better, and that's where I need your help.

The reason I'm contacting you specifically is that I need your help in
involving developers of the open source persuasion. As you can imagine I
tend to know more people from the .NET side of the fence; no problems
getting them involved. The goal for Code Camp is to include the entire
development community, and there's no way I can do that alone.

Ways that you could participate include:

  a.. Presenting a session or two; anything is game so long as it involves
code and isn't a direct advertisement for a product or service
  b.. Helping organize by chairing one of the tracks
  c.. Spreading the word and inviting developers (feel free to use the
attached invitation email)
  d.. Attending!

While you're stewing on that, we're having a lunch meeting today at Ooba's
in Redmond for Code Camp planning and you are more than welcome to attend. I
know it's short notice but it would be great if you could join us. Besides
learning more about Code Camp and meeting the developers who are helping put
this together, I'll be picking up the tab, so come on over and pig out with
us! J Hope to see you there.

Thanks for your time. If you have any questions/concerns/etc, don't hesitate
to shoot me an email or give me a call.

      Jason Mauer

      Developer Evangelist
      Microsoft Corporation
     jmauer at microsoft.com
      (503) 789-2471

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