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Jason Mauer jmauer at microsoft.com
Fri Sep 23 09:12:30 PDT 2005

Before attending OSCON this year I probably wouldn't have been surprised
by this level of maturity, not knowing what to expect. Having been to
OSCON and hanging out with many developers from the OSS world that I'd
met for the first time, I understand that "idiotic" comments like these
are not representative of the community at large, so don't mind if I
take such sophomoric wit with a truckload of salt.

If anyone has future questions/concerns/etc about Seattle Code Camp,
please email me directly and spare all the people included in the
multiple distribution lists.


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On Thu, Sep 22, 2005 at 04:34:23PM -0700, Fred McLain wrote:
> Interesting.  As a happy active member of the open source community,
> very interested in *when* that meeting at Ooba's is.  Perhaps we could
> crash it :)
> 	-Fred-

	This may be OT, but for years I've been looking for the
	most idiotic collection of words.  Here (snip/paste) 
	they are:

> Developer Evangelist
> Microsoft Corporation 

	Kinda makes me want to get off planet Earth; that this is 
	all an absurd joke or whatever....  All hope is lost!!!!


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