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Ken Meyer kmeyer at blarg.net
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Mr. Kline --

It's pretty ironic that the site that apparently hosts your mail is named
"thought.org", which states, on its home page:

	"This site encourages the free flow of creative expression in all media."

but apparently they need an exception on-board to prove the rule.

I used to program in VB and even teach a little of it; but I became alarmed
by my perception that Bill G., as evidenced in his Passport, Hailstorm,
Smart Tags, etc. initiatives, was moving to take over the Internet.  That
control would, IMHO, eventually be used to at least bias the way the public
accesses information -- and would also eventually result in new fees for
doing so.

My analogy is the use of ATM machines and credit cards, which were once
showered upon one, and the use of the ATMs was free.  Now that we have been
trained to depend on them, there are significant fees involved, and the
offer of free use of a bank's machines is used as leverage to influence
one's choice of where one's accounts are.  That may be the "American Way",
but it's not all good.

So I switched to Open Source, which has a wonderful community as a bonus;
but I swear that, if Open Source were to become dominant and was
significantly influenced in its outlook by folks like you, Gary, I would be
back to using and instructing M$ languages in an instant.

Besides, have you ever heard of Mono?

Ken Meyer

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On Thu, Sep 22, 2005 at 04:34:23PM -0700, Fred McLain wrote:
> Interesting.  As a happy active member of the open source community, I'm
> very interested in *when* that meeting at Ooba's is.  Perhaps we could
> crash it :)
> 	-Fred-

	This may be OT, but for years I've been looking for the
	most idiotic collection of words.  Here (snip/paste)
	they are:

> Developer Evangelist
> Microsoft Corporation

	Kinda makes me want to get off planet Earth; that this is
	all an absurd joke or whatever....  All hope is lost!!!!

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