[Seattle-SAGE] Linux laptop recommendations

Ski Kacoroski kacoroski at comcast.net
Mon Sep 26 19:46:53 PDT 2005

Well, I tried to save my company some $$$ by using my personal laptop 
(configured just the way I like it), but they have a new policy where I 
cannot bring it into work so I get a new laptop.  I am looking for 
recommendations for a laptop that will run Debian Linux.  It would be 
nice if sleep and suspend worked (not necessary though).  Needs 1 - 2GB 
ram (vmware), 80GB or larger disk, and perferably a 14" 1280x1024 screen 
(not sure if 15" will fit in my bike bag).  Should be able to run for 3 
- 4 hours on a battery. A serial port would also be nice.  This is a 
desktop replacement type of machine.

I have been happy with Dells in the past as linux seems work good on them.

Any recommendations?



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