[Seattle-SAGE] Linux laptop recommendations

Louie Swalby Louie.Swalby at noaa.gov
Tue Sep 27 08:20:25 PDT 2005

Although I am not running Debian (Suse, at the moment), I find the Sager 
line of notebooks quite supportive of Linux.  Go to powernotebooks.com 
and configure a system to your hearts content.  The prices are 
reasonable and the support if needed, is very good.

Casey Paul Scott wrote:

>>I am looking for 
>>recommendations for a laptop that will run Debian Linux.  It would be
>>nice if sleep and suspend worked (not necessary though).  Needs 1 -
>>ram (vmware), 80GB or larger disk, and perferably a 14" 1280x1024
>>(not sure if 15" will fit in my bike bag).  Should be able to run for
>>- 4 hours on a battery. A serial port would also be nice.  This is a 
>>desktop replacement type of machine.
> I'm currently using a Dell D610, running a combination of Unstable and
> Experimental Debian, per the instructions at
> http://home.comcast.net/~canez/d610/ -- and most parts are working,
> including 1400x1050 sxga resolution, Bluetooth, the IPW2200 wireless
> card, and Suspend2 hibernation.
> The ATA drives require booting with the 2.4 installer, and then
> building your own 2.6 kernel, if you'd like to use 2.6. If you do run
> Unstable, be wary of gcc 4.0. It gave me grief on the kernel build, so
> I had to fall back to gcc 3.3.
> There's an odd lockup that I haven't fully traced, but I suspect
> relates to a i915 video driver and the Software2 suspend modules, but
> it only shows up after several hours of inactivity. 
> The other PITA is that the DualPoint Alps Synaptics trackpoint works --
> sorta. The "eraser-pointer" will sometimes not detect if it's not the
> first ps/2 object found. The trackpad does always work, and a USB mouse
> will always plug in. If you don't like the eraser-pointer anyway, it
> won't bother you at all. 
> Personally, I'd love to try out the Dell Precision M70, with the usxga
> graphics and better graphics card, but the company wouldn't spring for
> the extra grand. Oh well.
> -- Oh, the Experimental packages are necessary to run Enlightenment
> DR17 packages from Shadoi (per http://www.soulmachine.net/wiki). I'm
> sure normal folks don't want that, but it's awfully pretty. ;-)
> Cheers~
> Casey
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