[Seattle-SAGE] Linux lunch reminder -- today at 12:00

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Thu Sep 29 07:36:44 PDT 2005


The Linux lunch is happening today at 12:00. Thanks to everyone who 
replied (we have about 10 attendees). For anyone else planning to 
come, please rsvp. 

Here is the original announcement:

A GSLUG member once organized weekday Linux lunches in the Northgate
area, but the idea didn't seem to spread to downtown. This is an
attempt to do just that. The idea is to have a low-maintenance get
together for professionals and enthusiasts alike (though, being a
weekday lunch, it's likely more pros will show up).

On Thursday the 29th, please come to New Vietnamese Restaurant (full
menu with sandwhiches, grilled, and vegetarian items available) at 1525
3rd Avenue for a Linux lunch. We will meet at 12:00 PM and have a brief
presentation at 12:10 by Troy Davis of Semaphore (depending on interest,
either Packet Sniffing in 10 Minutes or User-space Queuing in 10

See you all there,

Aaron Klemm

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