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I would like to introduce myself, I have been lurking around here for a
year or so, but I have never made myself known.  I am a web application
developer / linux / osx sysadmin for Bethel School District in the
Spanaway/Graham area.  We are currently running 25-30 linux servers here
providing LTSP services as well as web/database/nfs services, mostly
running RHEL 3 or FC 4.

Now onto my reason for this email.  We are currently in the process of
implementing networked-based home directories for our 3,000 OSX computers
authenticated through LDAP.  We are achieving this with nfs servers all
attached directly to our SAN and sharing the homes from there.  What I am
looking for is recommendations on a company/person in the Seattle/Tacoma
area who is well versed in NFS performance tuning/Load
Balancing/clustering that we could bring in as a consultant to assist us. 
Everything is currently functional, but at times we are having problems
with the ability of our servers to handle the load we are producing.  I
figured this may be a good group to tap into for knowledge of local
consultants since we have never needed anything like this before.

Again greetings, and I hope to hear from anyone who has any
recommendations on this.


Kris Hagel
Manager, Web Applications & Data Warehouse Development
Bethel Public Schools
Web: http://www.bethelsd.org
Email: khagel at bethelsd.org
Phone: 253.683.6053
Cell: 253.405.4927
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