[Seattle-SAGE] cable installers

David P. Allen allendp at plu.edu
Mon Oct 10 21:46:54 PDT 2005

Geof Grogan wrote:

>I am looking for a company that specializes in data and voice cabling to do ongoing, small jobs for KCTS Television at Seattle Center. If you have a recommendation, please let know.
We've been pretty happy with both Teknon (Redmond) and Connected 
Technologies (F. Way) in the last couple of years.  Teknon is doing a 
very large installation for us right now and Connected has done a number 
of smaller projects all around our campus.  I know Connected has been 
doing some ongoing MAC work with at least a couple of companies in the 
area and that has been working fairly well.  We have also considered 
establishing an open contract with someone (RFP of course) to provide 
more "routine" Move/Add/Change services.  However, our student employees 
are all trained and certified in Leviton/Mohawk installations so we can 
handle quite a bit without outsourcing.

The only other comment I would make is that if you have standardized on 
a manufacturer for connectivity hardware (we've gone w/ Leviton) you may 
want to consult with their area rep to determine who they have been 
happy with.  A warranty doesn't sound like much when talking about 
cabling that hardly ever changes, but if the manufacturer won't allow 
some contractors to provide warranties because they know their work is 

If you'd like any more info I'd be happy to provide anything I can.  We 
do a lot of this type of work and have a pretty strong team in place 
from both a design & installation standpoint.

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