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Happening this weekend... FYI.

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 Here's a quick update on Seattle Code Camp v1.0, happening this weekend!


Directions for getting to DeVry are listed on our travel
as well as some nearby hotels if you are looking for a place to stay.


DeVry has a cafeteria and there will be some food options available for
purchase onsite, details of which are currently being worked out. Stay tuned
to the Seattle Code Camp website <http://pacwest.ms/codecamp/sea/1/> for
updated information.

 Donuts will be available in the morning for a small donation.

 *Presenter Gathering*

There is a pre-Code Camp gathering Friday night at the Microsoft campus for
presenters, including a speaker training for those looking to polish up
their presentation skills. Dinner will be provided. If you are interested in
attending the speaker training, you're more than welcome even if you're not
presenting at this Code Camp. All we ask is you RSVP by email
today<jmauer at microsoft.com>if you'd like to attend.

 *The Shirt*

At the previous Code Camp in Portland, we did up some T-shirts as a thank
you for presenters volunteering their time. They ended up being pretty
popular with many requests from attendees to buy them. We ended up making
them available online after the event.

 This time the Seattle Code Camp T-shirt is available
now<http://www.cafepress.com/codecamp_sea>from Cafepress. If you act
quickly, you can get one in time for this
weekend. The shirts are just for fun and are sold at cost with zero markup…
show your geeky spirit with a Code Camp shirt!

 *See you at Code Camp!*

Cere Davis
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