[Seattle-SAGE] Re: [SLL] Need perl help - regex issue

Ski Kacoroski kacoroski at comcast.net
Mon Oct 24 15:31:05 PDT 2005


Thanks to everyone for the help.  Sorry about the feeble attempt at 
explaining my problem.  I misunderstood how scope worked with the $1.. 
variables (thought they would be reset when a subroutine was called for 
some reason).  So what I need to do is what Jules and Ben suggested and 
check the return of the match to be sure something was matched, e.g.

sub test { $f = "first_in_sub"; if ($f =~ /(.*)\s.*$/) { print $1;}}

What I am doing is stripping out everything after the first space in a 
name ("Kacoroski Jr." -> "Kacoroski" or "Kacoroski III" -> "Kacoroski").

Thanks also to Tim for the pointer to spug-list at pm.org and to Tim and 
Ben on the idea of a stingy match.  My code will soon be updated.



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