[Seattle-SAGE] Birthday Party / Billiards Night!

Leeland nwsailer at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 09:46:29 PST 2005


FIRST THING: I am changing my name to Leeland Artra. Please call me
Leeland... or you can refer to me as "The Systems Administrator
Formally Known As Leeland".

Sorry for the late notice.

You are invited to my Birthday Party on Friday December 16th. I
officially turn 1 year older, that will make me 30 ah... something ;^)

My birthday party is going to be at Dr. Cues Billiards
(http://www.drcuebilliards.com) on Bothell Way NE just a little bit
North of NE 145th in Shoreline. I have rented the entire back area
(the best spot in the house, lots of table, jukebox etc.). I am asking
for about $10 per person to help cover the costs. You can order
anything off the menu directly. Official party will go from 7 to 11
PM. Sapphira (my daughter) and I will keep on playing as long as
people want to hang out. After 11 PM if you want to continue to play
you can pay for the tables normally ($10 per for two players).

Pool, birthday cake, loud music, good food (good tasting not good for
you), good friends and a hours of fun for $10 or less on a Friday.
What more can you ask?

Bring a friend, bring some friends.

Dr. Cues does NOT server alcohol (and you can't bring any in) so is
open to all ages. Other then that it is a normal pool hall.


1) Smoking ban has gone into affect so there is NO SMOKING in the building.

2) I am going to put out a collections jar to collect money for the
'Hall Rental' so the $10 per person charge is optional. If you want to
contribute more or less that is fine. I am not going even pay
attention to who puts money in.

3) We are actually celebrating 2 birthday parties plus the Holidays.
My girlfriend's (Evelina) birthday was on 12/15. She just moved the US
from Russia 6 months ago. So there will be TWO birthday cakes! How can
you say no to two birthday cakes!

4) Presents are not required. I wont stop you if you insist. An
alternative I would appreciate is donate money to a food bank charity
( http://www.northwestharvest.org/ or find another one you prefer at
AND contribute extra money to the hall rental. ;^)

See you there!


aka The System Administrator Formally Known As Scottie

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