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Josh Clayton josh.clayton at greythorninc.com
Thu Dec 15 07:37:19 PST 2005

Dear Seattle Sage:
The purpose of this email to request that the following job advertisement be sent to the Seattle mailing list.  I am a Direct-Hire recruiter with Greythorn, and I have a client looking for a full-time, senior-level AIX administrator.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns - thank you!
Senior AIX Administrator 
How would it effect your worth ethic if every day you went to work, you knew you were supporting the systems/infrastructure that save and maintain thousands of lives? If you're looking for something that actually does some good in the world and are interested in overseeing the technology that supports one of the most cutting-edge medical centers in the world, this may be the job for you.
This mission critical environment is a mix of Unix and Windows based systems, so technical versatility is a plus.  Because this infrastructure supports the efforts of medical professionals, high-availability (5x9, 24x7) is mandatory and downtime is not an option.  We're not talking about a small environment either, so experience with large, complex data centers is also important.  
The next year will prove to be a busy one - there are some serious projects on the docket!  All the server hardware/OS are going to be replaced, new SAN technologies implemented, databases will be upgraded, a new production data center will be stood up, a very large application upgrade is currently under way, and also a robust disaster recovery / business continuity program will be rolled out as well.  This position will be responsible for overseeing all of the AIX (IBM pSeries) servers for these efforts, so we're looking for someone with a strong process mentality.  You MUST have superior organizational skills and be able to operate effectively in complex, high stress production environments.
Keywords: Unix / Linux / AIX / HACMP / SAN  
The full breadth of this role cannot be covered in one job advertisement, so please send a resume to josh at greythorninc.com or call 425-635-0300 if you're interested in learning more.

Josh Clayton 
Direct-Hire Recruitment
T +1 425 635 0300
F +1 425 635 0333

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