[Seattle-SAGE] Anyone know of a way to do MS Windows dialog scripting?

Leeland nwsailer at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 11:54:31 PST 2005

Just got hit with an odd request. We have a very s... ah ... silly
application that has a hardware licensing dongle. But, the central
office report server "does need one" because it can get automatic
"license updates" by connecting to one of the remote Point of Sale
(POS) systems and logging in.

For some reason this multi-national product software manufacturer has
never considered the possibility that anyone might want to automate
the 40 or so minutes a week of command - pause - command - pause work
to produce a report.

SO... what happens is once every 2 weeks someone has to go do this
process manually so that when the "your license is about to expire, OK
to get a license update" dialog pops up we can click on it with the
mouse and then re-enter the password to "fully login" to the remote
box and ask it to generate a new license DLL using the dongle...

I remember seeing some kind of windows dialog scripting package that
let you write scripts that could "watch" for dialogs, examine the
contents and then do a series of actions including "input mouse
motion." But I can not seem to locate it now. Anyone have experience
or know of a solution for this?

Thanks in advance.

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