[Seattle-SAGE] To be, or not to be: Seattle LOPSA

Scott McDermott scottm at octaldream.com
Wed Dec 28 22:17:00 PST 2005

Myself and some of the more active members of the SSG think that our
group would be best served by changing from a SAGE affiliated group to a
LOPSA affiliated group. Here's a *very* short background:

SAGE was started as a subgroup of USENIX to serve the needs of the SA
community and to grow SA as a profession. About a year and a half ago,
USENIX decided to split SAGE off as it's own organization because the
goals of the two groups are different. A new corporation was created, a
board was elected, and they started to build the foundations for this
new SAGE entity.

In November, the USENIX board killed this project. You can read about
the details by reading the Memos to Members from November and December
on the LOPSA website (www.lopsa.org).

Those who had been elected to the board and already had the corporation
set up decided that this was a good opportunity to move forward, so they
dropped SAGE (as the name and IP belong to USENIX) and created LOPSA,
the League of Professional System Administrators. This group has the
goals of forwarding SA as a profession and I believe better matches the
needs of our particular group than does SAGE.

Today, USENIX/SAGE and LOPSA appear to be planning on working with each
other and things seem very positive for future cooperation.

So, that's the really condensed version. I'd like to take a vote from
those who read this far (please just reply directly to me if you choose
to vote), do we:

A) Stick with SAGE
B) Affiliate with LOPSA
C) Don't care as long as things stay about the same

If we affiliate with LOPSA, do we just become the Seattle LOPSA Group,
Seattle LOPSA, or something else?

Scott McDermott

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