[Seattle-SAGE] To be, or not to be: Seattle LOPSA

Jennifer Davis sigje at sigje.org
Thu Dec 29 17:21:35 PST 2005

hey folks! :) I'm from BayLISA.. just wanted to pipe up on this.. you have 
a name.. the name has history.  Unless everyone really hates the name, I'd 
suggest keep it.  We here at BayLISA have gone back and forth with 
thinking "but really we should change the name".  Also you will not 
be all those crazy long acronyms.. but also the crazy long acronym + 
tgfkass (the group formerly known as seattle sage..) .. ooh. bad acronym.

I'd suggest... affiliate with LOPSA.. affiliate with us folks down here in 
California, BayLISA, affiliate with any other groups local in your area 
that have similar interests..

Define what you are, what you want, and where you are going though as the 
website isn't very clear.  Do you just need help with speakers?  Do you 
want more people showing up at meetings?  Do you want a bigger subscribers 
list?  Do you want more technical discussions?

I've sent some Mirapoint folks your way who will be happy to present 
technical talks about email and probably host a pizza bash as well.  Any 
other companies that decide they want to reach out to groups I'll forward 
on your contact details as well (just used the coordinator address as I 
wasn't sure who to forward them on to).  USENIX has a speakers repository 
that you can contact ellie at usenix.org or anne at usenix.org to get 
information about possible speakers in your area.  BayLISA is happy to 
help out with anything we can as well.. (lots of the words happy here. 
sorry. I'm essentially a happy person :)

At any rate.. Hello! Nice to meet all you lovely folks!  and please do let 
me know if you need any help with anything.

(Speaking as BayLISA individual, and personally)

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