[Seattle-SAGE] Quick SAGE-y note from the new occupant of the hot seat :-)

Jennifer Davis sigje at sigje.org
Fri Dec 30 16:53:26 PST 2005

Hey Strata!

Spot on with the affiliations comment.. The more we share, collaborate, 
the better the situation is for all of us.

> PS- Wearing a slightly dusty hat as a former BayLISA Board member, I noticed
> that Jennifer Davis pinged you about BayLISA programs and mutual assistance.  I
> suspect it would be very easy for you folks to set up a program like the one
> BayLISA has set up, largely Jennifer's doing, where publishers send evaluation
> copies of technical and sysadmin books to give out to members in exchange for an
> organizational committment that some book reviews will be generated in response.
>  Lots of folks have been very happy down here to get access to some current and
> brand new books that are on-topic on Linux, TCP/IP programming, etc.

I noticed that Seattle SAGE had the O'Reilly link, but Addison Wesley's 
Heather Fox, and Apress's Janet Crosbie are very helpful with books as 
well.  The Short Topic booklets from SAGE/USENIX are very useful (Ben 
Rockwood's Oracle one recently released is _excellent_.  If you have ever 
had to adminster an Oracle database before, you will know what I'm talking 
about.  I'm not talking about a DBA role.. but when you get that little 
server dumped on your lap and you quickly need to find out what's going 
on.  Oracle's website is a nightmare to find information.)

BayLISA and Splunk came up with the idea for the "Sysadmin Camp" and 
Splunk is looking to replicate the format to other locations: 

So if you are interested in that .. let me know and I'll forward on 
contact information.


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